3 dancers, 10 minutes / 3 dancers, 20 minutes /  4 dancers, 35 minutes

Bach’s clever Goldberg Variations uses the same chord progression for each variation but stretches its capacity for expression with melodic variation, counterpoint, and rhythmic invention. In Variations, three dancers make the composition leap from its pages, creating a new playground for interpretation.

"And isn't it time to give Caleb Teicher his own evening? In three excerpts from his 'Variations,' interspersed throughout the night, he paired his facile, flowing style to Glenn Gould's recordings of Bach's 'Goldberg Variations.' Sharing the stage with Brittany DeStefano and Gabe Winns, Mr. Teicher juxtaposed barely there brushes with frenetic taps as his body -- twisting and dipping -- pulled toward and away from the Gould. These days, a choreographer with a new angle on Bach is startling: Mr. Teicher has a will and a way." - Gia Kourlas, (Tap Forward 2015)

"Watching the crisp, incisive choreography of Caleb Teicher, you will want to see entire bodies, from head to toe. Lots going on there. But the feet, in particular... the feet! You must observe how the feet-- scrupulous, sensitive, clear-- reveal every impulse and inflection and variation of the music--in this case, the singularity of Glenn Gould playing Bach's 'Goldberg Variations.'" - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body (ATDF Studio Showing 2015)

"Mr. Teicher, already an acclaimed dancer, revealed a choreographic talent. In geek-chic glasses, he began alone, kicking, swiveling and firing off sporadic bursts of whispered taps, as if practicing mentally, as Gould often did. What followed was sometimes perplexing but generally captivating in its close imitation of Bach. The way Mr. Teicher, Elizabeth Burke and Gabe Winns passed a fugal phrase down the line was fun, as was their frantic flapping to match Gould's speed and how they danced hard against the music's quiet." - Brian Seibert, The New York Times (Rhythm In Motion 2015)

"Teicher, along with colleagues Elizabeth Burke and Gabe Winns, executes stark lines, delicate expressiveness and fiery speed with equal care. He looks poised to follow the acclaimed Michelle Dorrance into wider recognition as a striking performer and inquisitive dancemaker." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body (Rhythm In Motion 2015)

This piece was made possible thanks to an artistic residency through the American Tap Dance Foundation.

This piece was made possible thanks to an artistic residency through the American Tap Dance Foundation.