2 men (or 2 women!), 25 minutes

In Meet Ella, 2011 Bessie Award-Winner and acclaimed dancer and choreographer Caleb Teicher collaborates with one of the world’s most eminent swing and vernacular jazz dancers, Nathan Bugh. The duo utilizes jazz dance forms to glide towards, cut against, and trade with the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald. Bringing new depth to Ella’s well-known catalogue, Caleb and Nathan stretch the boundaries and distill the essence of movement to jazz music.


"Mr. Bugh, head shaven, almost always dances with an innocently happy smile but without looking the audience in the eye; the more youthful Mr. Teicher, with dark hair (and one white streak), is skillful and sly in the communicative use of his eyes and hands. The slyness never annoys; nothing here is over calculated." - Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times

"Saucy, sexy Meet Ella leaves us with stardust--a great performance and an instant classic." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body

"I like seeing this mostly unshowy, smart-guys-having-a-good-time way of presenting jazz dancing. Of course, they [Nathan Bugh and Caleb Teicher] want us to love and admire their skills (and we do) but they don't urge that on us." - Deborah Jowitt, ArtsJournal