Impossible Soul (Working Title) Process Log: Entry #1

June 19 2015 was the first day I said aloud, “I’d like to make a piece to ‘Impossible Soul,’” but it was not the first time I thought about it. The idea first struck me about a year earlier, but I kept it to myself.

But then the song played over the car stereo. I voiced the idea to Nic Gareiss, and he offered friendly validation for the idea… So I decided in my mind that the piece would be made sometime in the near to distant future.

Now I find myself in that future, half a year later, sitting with proposed budgets and rehearsal schedules and notes in front of me preparing for 3 performances that are still 4 months away.

I can’t share too much from early rehearsals for fear of risking a safe space for creativity… But I will share what I can. I believe that the making of art is a community effort, and I’d like to involve you, whoever’s reading, before you buy tickets to see it.

So here’s what I’ll share for now: I’m making a piece. It may or not be called Impossible Soul (can’t decide), but it will be set to Sufjan Stevens’ epic track of the same name. It will be premiered as part of the American Tap Dance Foundation’s Rhythm In Motion in April of 2016, and yes, it will be 25 minutes long.

More to come.

- CT