Favorite Dance Videos of 2015

It was a fantastic year for dance in the reasonably-short online video department… I’d love to give a shout out to some of my favorites:

Gemini Vibe — Sarah Reich (Tap Music Project)

This video brings so much to the table— exciting new music composition, great tap dancing, and a positive social atmosphere for the two to meet. Sarah has made many videos online this year through her association with PostModern Jukebox, but her self-produced work with Tap Music Project is by far my favorite.

Wallflower — James Whiteside & Cassandra Trenary (JBDUBS)

What’s better than a beautifully shot and exquisitely danced video featuring James Whiteside and Cassandra Trenary? According to me in October of this year, very little. (I must’ve watched this every day that month)… It’s one of the sexiest/strangest things I’ve seen come out of classically trained dancers, and the hyper slow-motion is the perfect way to appreciate Ms. Trenary’s technique!

Sunday Candy — Chance The Rapper & Ian Eastwood (Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment)

My love for Chance The Rapper is no secret, but his collaboration with Ian Eastwood takes the cake as my favorite production video of this year. One beautiful continuous shot with Chicago Footwork baked in? <3 <3 <3

In The Castle Of My Skin — Jarrel Mathebula & Pantsula dancers (Sons of Kemet)

Come for the filters and stay for the beautiful sonic compositions by Sean Jackson. He’s working in new mediums for tap dance appreciation and I’m diggin’ it!


I made two forays into online dance film-making this year (a “Fred and Ginger” duet with Darien Crago //  and a Flatfoot-inspired duet with Elizabeth Burke), but a goal of mine is to produce more content for online consumption in 2016… Stay tuned!

(What were your favorite dance videos of 2015? Please feel free to online-yell at me about your personal favorites!)